Environmental Study Abroad with SEA Semester

To study the environment, it makes sense to get out of the classroom. Way out.

That’s why study abroad programs make sense.

If you’re interested in the environment, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for off-campus study. Environmental study abroad might take you to a rainforest in Costa Rica, a village in Africa, or a coral reef in Polynesia. You might even contribute to research that addresses pressing problems.

At SEA Semester, our focus is on the oceans. The global ocean covers nearly three-quarters of Earth, yet 90% is largely unexplored. It provides half of the oxygen in the atmosphere, regulates the planet’s climate, and delivers food security for the world’s population.

… And yet, multiple threats jeopardize its health and sustainability.

We all depend upon the ocean. The future of the ocean depends upon you.

Sea Education Association (SEA) is the leading off-campus environmental studies program focused on the oceans. Since 1971, we have educated more than 8,000 ocean scholars, stewards, and leaders – both on shore in Woods Hole and aboard our sailing research vessels at sea. Our SEA Semester programs are multidisciplinary learning communities that address the critical environmental issues of our time:

  • Climate change
  • Sustainability
  • Biodiversity
  • Human impacts on the environment
  • Environmental justice

Acknowledging that human actions underlie environmental change, SEA Semester programs approach these issues from a variety of disciplines including science, history, culture studies, and policy.

If you’re looking to make a difference with your study abroad experience, SEA Semester may be for you.